Dirty Christmas Jokes

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dirty christmas jokes

  • Christmas is a baby shower that went totally overboard.


  • What did the little Mexican boy get for christmas? My bike.


  • Why does Mrs. Claus always hope for a white Christmas?


  • What do you call Santa’s helpers? Subordinate clauses


  • Let’s play Christmas. I’ll be Santa Claus and
    you can be a present and I’ll give you away.


  • Why is Christmas just like a day at the office ?
    You do all the work and the fat guy with the suit gets all the credit.


    a time to love
    a time to celebrate life
    a time to give & forgive
    a time to say a prayer for you who touched my life
    MERRY CHRISTMAS to u and ur family


  • Junior! Did you hibernate all Christmas like you were supposed to?” “Hibernate? Shit, Ma,
    I thought you said ‘masturbate’!


  • May you have the gladness of Christmas which is HOPE;
    The spirit of Christmas which is PEACE;
    The heart of Christmas which is LOVE.
    A blessed Christmas to you and your loved ones.


  • KISSING at the top,HOLDING at the middle &FIRE at the bottom!
    Do you know the ANSWAR?
    ho…don’t think dirty…
    its A ”CIGRETTE”


  • Larki jub saray kapray utaar laiti hay to kia hota hay?








    Taar khali ho jati hay.
    Yaar kabhi to +ve socha karo…


  • I know when you’ve been bad or good … so let’s skip the small talk, sister!


  • Woh mangti thee mein deta na tha
    Uss ne manga to khara ho gya
    Mein ne diya to chout gya


  • Ragging ke waqt larko ne 1 larki se kaha,1 sawal ka jawab do:
    Patna kahan par hai?
    Larki-India mein
    Boys-yahin pat jao itni dur jaane ki kiya zarurat hai..!


  • Why did the reindeer wear sunglasses to the beach?
    He didn’t want to be recognized.


  • On the eighth pain of Christmas,
    Chuck Norris sent to me
    Eight tears a-sulking,
    Seven teeth a-spitting,
    Six punch a-hitting,
    Five painful swings,
    Four dying herds,
    Three dead men,
    Two knuckle shoves,
    And destruction with only one knee.


  • No cellphone! No Nikes! No Eminem CD!
    A sweater! Some mittens! A jacket, so tweedy!
    Tommy climbed on the roof and he started to shout
    “Hey Santa Claus! Santa Claus! SORT THIS S*** OUT!”


  • Anyone who believes that
    men are the equal of women has
    never seen a man trying to wrap a Christmas present.


  • Christmas is a race to see
    which gives out first your money or your feet.